About Us

Who are we? We are a company that loves vintage, antique furniture but what we love most is a good story. Our imagination runs wild when we come across old furniture. Old pieces of furniture have witnessed changes in our history ranging from the political, cultural and religious, to human rights. Like an old tree that has stood the test of time, some pieces of furniture have been around longer than you can imagine.

Believe it or not, every piece of furniture comes with a story.  Being story lovers, we often ask ourselves: Who owned it? How far did it travel? How was it used in day to day life? What kind of memories were created in the homes that this furniture sat in? What was going on in the world when it was made?

You get the hint! If only furniture could talk, the stories it would tell! We also love furniture that has seen better days. The kind that gets overlooked, unwanted, forgotten, beaten-up or simply outdated. In our eyes as long as it has good bones its worth holding onto, and certainly worth updating.  A revived piece of furniture can be reintroduced to your existing décor style, but mostly it can add an element of character to any room.

Our Team: We are passionate about salvaging the treasures that many of us have, and have been overlooked. You might not know what do with a piece that you’ve just inherited, or the table you purchased 20 years ago that is now outdated.

You’ve probably looked at a desk, or dresser in your home and wondered how great it would look refinished instead of sitting in a dark corner in your basement.

Furniture today isn’t built like it was in the past, which makes it even more important to give it that extra life regardless of the hideous condition it’s currently in. 

Look no further, because our team can help you customize any look, or finish you desire. We use only the best quality materials and work closely with our customers to ensure that any furniture we refinish will compliment the existing décor, and that our customers will fall in love with the end result.

Not only do we do custom work, we are also constantly finding great furniture. We’ve become addicted to salvaging furniture from the past. Our stock is constantly changing and is always one of kind. Buying “Repurposed, Refined and Reloved” furniture is the best way to add a statement to your décor with a contemporary twist.

It’s also important to remember that keeping historical treasures also keeps the environment a little greener and creates less landfill. So before you throw away Aunt Martha’s buffet, think about how a little paint can make a big difference, and remember every good story has a happy ending!